16 Jan 2014 - TDD Code Dojo

December 30, 2013 at 12:23 PMMartin

If you've never done any TDD before but would like to have a try or just see how it can be used, this is the event for you!

Following the successful dojo event we ran towards the end of 2012, @martin_evans will be rerunning the string kata devised by Roy Osherove: http://osherove.com/tdd-kata-1/

The object of this kata is to write a solution using Test First Development.

The kata is performed by the group as a whole but there will only ever be one participant typing at any one time, assisted by a pairing partner. After 10 minutes or so the coder is swapped out and the next person takes their place, continuing on from where the last coder left off.

Everyone gets the chance to have a go at coding if they like or they can just sit it out and watch. You're under no obligation to write any code.

The language used in the event will probably be C# (groups choice) but feel free to bring along a laptop if you want to key along using another language!

As always, there'll be a free pizza break and the not so free trip to the pub afterwards.


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